Computer Aided Drafting & Design

    Mr. Eric Smith – Instructor

      24 Years Teaching Experience

    Associate Degree Architectural Drafting and Design - Triangle Tech, Erie, Pa.

    Vocational I certification completed June 2002

    Vocational II certification completed December 2006



    Carrer Opportunities Skills Taught
      • Students in the CAD program can pursue a number of careers following graduation.  Some students graduate and immediately enter the workforce.  However, the majority of students use their vocational education as an introductory program and continue on a secondary education at either a technical 2 year college or a four year college.  Some of the career opportunities for CAD students include:

        • Draftsman/designer for manufacturing applications
        • Architectural Draftsman
        • Engineer

    Salary projection – Job opportunities for students in computer aided drafting remains stable.  Skilled students remain in high demand.  Estimated starting salaries for various CAD careers include:

    ‣    Mechanical CAD draftsman - $35,000 to 50, 000/yr.

    ‣    Architectural draftsman - $35,000 to 55,000/yr.

    ‣    Engineer - $55,000 to 75,000/yr.



    These are all the Skills that are Taught in this course:

    The Basics

    • Basic Math Skills
    • The Graphic Language
    • Geometric Construction
    • Instrament Drawing
    • Skeching and Shape Description
    • Multi-View Projection


    • Auxiliary View Drawings 
    • Sectional View Drawings 
    • Threads and Fasteners 
    • Dimensioning
    • Assembly & Sub Assembalyu Drawings
    • Detrail Drawing
    • Bill of Material
    • 3-D Modeling


    • Floor Plans
    • Foundation Plans
    • Electrical Plans
    • Roof/Floor Farming Drawings
    • Elevation Drawings

    Topics Covered -  Throughout the year, some of the wide range of topics students receive training on include:

    ‣    Sketching, Basic Orthographic Projection

    ‣    Assembly and Sub-Assembly Drawings

    ‣    Screw Thread Terminology

    ‣    Sectioning

    ‣    Architectural Floor Plans, Foundation Plans, Front/Side Elevations, Floor and Roof Framing

    ‣    Structural Drafting

    ‣    Welding/Piping Symbols

    ‣    3D Solid Modeling


     Student Education and Training

     Operating System  - The Venango Technology Center provides the latest and most up-to-date CAD equipment.  Students are introduced to drafting through basic sketching and drafting board exercises.  At about eight weeks into the program, they begin their training on one of the 18 Gateway 4500D with flat screen computer systems.

    Programs - Students are trained with cutting edge technology programs which are in use in major corporations around the country.  Instructors receive continued education in the newest versions to ensure students are ready to enter the job market or higher educational programs.  The Autodesk programs students receive training on include:

    • AutoDesk Architecture 2021
    • Autocad Mechanical 2021
    • Inventor Professional 2021
    • Revit Architecture 2021
    • OSHA-10 General Industry 

    Student Evaluations – Students are evaluated by the instructor through a number of means.  Some of which include:

    • Basic Math tests
    • Daily Drawing evaluations
    • Fraction/Decimal Equivalents

    Senior Testing - Students in their senior year undergo NOCTI testing.  Venango Technology students have consistently outperformed the national average as follows:

                Venango Technology Center’s results:         53.8%

                National Average                                        41.3%

     Co-Op Positions – Students in their senior year are also eligible for co-op positions.  These are internships with local businesses where students are able to assist the company in actual drafting and design projects.  Students who perform well and impress the organization can often be offered permanent positions upon graduation.  Some of the organizations that have offered co-op positions in the past have included:

       Penn Dot

       Forest Scientific Inc.

       Moonlight Packaging

Last Modified on April 14, 2021