The Protective Services Program was started in 2014-15 school year and is quickly growing as a successful program at the Venango Technology Center. The program is designed to introduce students to the rewarding career fields found within the Public Safety occupations. Our main focus in our program of study task grid is Criminal Justice (law enforcement), Emergency Medical Services, and Fire fighting. The program of study also includes instruction in corrections, probation & parole, and homeland security. Newly acquired skills will enable the student to walk-on to several entry-level jobs that are in high demand not just in our area, but all across the United States.

         Students will develop the mental, physical, and moral attributes to be successful in the Protective Services fields. This program is a great start for students to receive direction that will help guide them in introductory jobs in the Fire Service, Security, 911 Dispatch, Emergency Medical Service, probation & parole, and corrections. Students wanting to get into careers in law enforcement, and emergency medical technician/paramedics are encouraged to continue seeking higher education and obtain Pennsylvania Municipal Police and EMS Certifications only offered at Colleges and universities.  

         The experience received at Venango technical Center will aid in furthering their experience and knowledge in a chosen field. Academics are considered a high priority but students with good common sense and critical decision making skills will be welcomed into our program. Students will be introduced to the Pennsylvania Crime and Vehicle codes, Federal Emergency Management Agency Incident response & command certifications 100, 200, 700, & 800. PA Dept. of Health National Emergency Medical Responder (NEMR) certification, American Heart assn. healthcare provider CPR & AED and first Aid certification, PA State Fire academy certifications such as Hazardous Material awareness, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and Wildland firefighting.    

    Students work towards taking a nationally recognized Certification in 911 emergency dispatch via a brand new 911 REALITY trainer system. They also receive certifications in handcuffing and less than lethal pepper spray & ASP baton use.  Outside Criminal justice, Fire, and EMS agencies are guest speakers for our class on occasion and also bring in equipment such as; Fire apparatus, Rescue & working K-9's, Crime scene processing vehicle, police vehicles, Lab visits to Public safety agencies is a useful tool and learning experience.
    Students will have access to physical fitness equipment and be required to engage themselves at least one day a week in some form or regimen of physical fitness and wellness. This will enable them to prepare for entry level academy physical requirements and entry level physical job requirements such as lifting patients or removing a person from a dangerous situation/area. 
    There is a uniform requirement (Black BDU pant, Black/Dark colored tennis shoe or boot, and a t-shirt provided by the program). Uniforms are usually required to be worn 2-3 days a week and  students must maintain their appearance up to academy standards.     



Degrees and Certifications:

  • Teacher Information: 
    Mr. Mark Baughman
    (814) 677-3097, 1411

  • Industry Recognized Certifications Available: 

    American Heart  Association - BLS Healthcare Provider

    Emergency Management Institute - NIMS IS 100 Series, NIMS IS 200 Series, NIMS IS 700 Series, NIMS IS 800 Series

    Pennsylvania Department of Health - BLS Healthcare Provider, EMT, First Responder

    Pennsylvania State Fire Department - Certificate of Training: Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness

    Personal Protection Consultants, Inc. - MOAB: Management of Aggresive Behavior for Public Safety Officers, OCAT: Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training, PATH: Practical and Tactical Handcuffing, PPBT: Personal Protection Baton Tactics

    Throughout the program students will build confidence in themselves and their peers.  They will receive training in a safe and healthy environment where learning is enhanced by a variety of methods. Our program has a working ambulance and law enforcement vehicle that serve as mobile labs and allow students to work as they do in the field.

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    PA EMS  PA Dept. of Health National Emergency Medical Responder Logo

    logo VTC Protective Services Logo

    fire academy logo PA State Fire academy Logo


  • Skills Taught:
    Criminal Justice
    • Law enforcement procedures
    • Self defense
    • Vehicle code and crimes code
    • Case law and Constitutional Rights
    • Security and patrol procedures
    • Traffic stop procedures
    • Crime scene processing and evidence collection
    • Simulated Firearm safety & handling procedures
    • Corrections & Prisoner safety
    • 911 dispatch communication
    • Fire fighting PPE and SCBA
    • Fire fighter essentials 1-3 module preparedness
    • Hazardous material awareness certification
    • ICS 100 & 700   NIMS 200 & 800
    Emergency Medical Services 
    • American Heart Assn healthcare provider CPR & AED certification
    • American Heart Assn. first aid certification
    • Pa Dept. of Health Emergency First Responder certification
  • Related Careers:

    • Patrol Officer
    • Emergency First Responder/ Emergency Medical Technician (EMS)
    • Fire Fighter
    • Correctional Officer
    • Probation and Parole Officer
    • 911 dispatcher/ tele-communicator
    • Security Guard


    Co-operative work agreements in place (* students work minimum 15 hrs/wk in Senior year in lieu of coming to Tech*)
    •   Community Ambulance Service 
    •    Emergency care Ambulance Service 
  • Included in the Protective Services program is a 9-1-1 training simulator and laser shot weapon simulator. Responsibility and leadership are key parts of the program that will follow them throughout their career. Students must possess a "failure is not an option" attitude every day to succeed as this program will be challenging both mentally and physically. The reward of gaining these valuable certifications and experience will pay off in the future and is definitely worth the extra effort.

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