• Work in the Community

    Here at Venango Technology Center's Electronic Technologies course, we encourage our students to go out and do work in the community. We also grant students opportunities to help their community, such as the events listed below, and we are actively looking for future opportunities as well.

  • Christmas Lights

     The Electronics students made Oil City brighter and saved the tax payers money in the process.
     Electronics students re-wiring Oil City's Christmas lights
    Students                  Jeremiah and Nick             Jacob and Tapanga
  • Electronic Technology Food Drive

    Recently, VTC held a food drive to benefit Community Services of Venango County.  Each shop competed to see who could bring in the most non-perishable food items. We are very proud to announce that the AM Electronics Class was able to bring in almost 300 items.
  • Applefest

    For the past few years, students have worked alongside trained professionals in the field to help set up all of the electrical equipment used during Applefest. Shown below are pictures of the hardworking students who 

    Applefest 2018

    Students setting up the electric for Applefest 2018 


    Applefest 2017

    Students working on electrical panels for the Applefest 2017 

    Image of kids setting up electrical panels for Applefest

    Applefest 2015

    Applefest       Applefest       Applefest
     Venango Technology Center students setting up the power distribution panels 

     Applefest 2014

    Jeremiah Young
    Here we see Steve Holtz, former employee of Penelec,
    showing Austin Hazlet, student of Vo-tech electronics,
    on the workings of a breaker box for Applefest. 
     More Photos of the Electronics students setting up the distribution boxes for Applefest!!
    Cory Shreffler Stephen Machen Steve Machen and Mark Southwick Austin Eakin
    corry Breaker Box Steve Machen Austin Eakin


Last Modified on January 20, 2022