• Electronics Technology Time Capsule

    The Electronics Technology program here at VTC has been involved in plenty of memorable events and has had many great achievements in the past that we would like to preserve here. Pictured below are a few of our favorite events and some of the most notable achievements of previous years.

  •   Fire Extinguisher Training at VTC 

     Austin Hazlet            Fire Extinguisher           Kyle Plummer
  •  Sophomore's Learning to Solder

    Jeff Carson                                        Zack Secules
    Jeff Carson, left                                                                                               Zack Secules, right
  •  Past Projects

     Zack Secules              David Beach            Justin Miller
    David Beach is working on his Multimeter (middle)
    Zack Secules works on his Amp (top left)               Justin Miller makes a Christmas Tree (top right)
     Logic Gates
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