• Venango Technology Center Evening School Class Descriptions
    Introduction to Computers
    Introduces the students to Computer Literacy and computer concepts.  Students will learn about computer operations system software & application software, how to identify computer hardware and what to look for when buying or upgrading a computer.  Student will be assigned a small project in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and the Internet.  Upon completion of the course, the student should have an understanding of the computer.
    Introduces the student to the Windows operating system.  The course covers how to use Windows.  Some of the topics covered are how to use a mouse, what a control panel is, and how to install software.  Upon completion the student should have a better understanding of what Windows is and how to use it.
    • Beginner - The Microsoft word processing program will cover editing, proofing and formatting documents, working with tables, formatting pages, adding graphics and merging word documents.
    • Intermediate - The Microsoft word processing program will cover working with larger documents, collaborating with documents, working with graphics, creating and modifying charts, creating and using forms, and customizing Word with AutoText and macros
    • Beginner - The Microsoft spreadsheet program will include creating, formatting, and moving around the worksheet, as well as practice in entering text, numbers, and formulas.  Student will learn how to open, save, and print the worksheets in a workbook.  You will get introduced to "what-if" questions, graphs, and graphics.
    • Advanced - The Microsoft spreadsheet program will include a brief overview of everything taught in the Beginner Excel (creating complex formulas, understand relative and absolute cell references, using auto sum, insert function, creating charts and graphs).  You will learn how to work with formulas and functions, manage workbooks and prepare them for the Web, automate worksheet tasks and how to use lists.
    Access Beginner
    Do you have a large amount of information to organize?  Access is the answer.  This class is designed for students new to database concepts.  Topics include creating a database, querying a database and the creation of forms and reports.  This program can be used to organize a small business, maintain an equipment inventory or organize your Christmas gift and card list.
    PowerPoint is the presentation software of Microsoft Office.  Learn to create a slide show to showcase your ideas.  Additional features explored include clipart, Word Art and many others.
    This class addresses basic shielded metal arc welding (Stick welding) with 1/8" 7018 in flat, horizontal and vertical up positions.  Safety glasses are required.
    Sign Language for Beginners
    This course will give students an introduction to Deaf Culture and various styles of Deaf communication as well as an in-depth study of American Sign Language using instructional text.  Students will gain diversity in communicating with the hearing-impaired and deaf community on a primary level.
    CAD w/AutoCAD
    This class will help you master basic auto CAD skills in 2D and 3D drawings with hands-on exercises each class
    Prerequisite: Basic mouse and Windows computer skills.
    Maintenance Technician
    This is a basic Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Course.  It covers topics such as electrical fundamentals, motors and motor controls, wiring methods, electrical specs, three phase motors, plumbing safety, installing air conditioning systems, print reading and sketching, hydraulics and pneumatics.
    Computer Maintenance
    Recommended for anyone who owns or uses a computer.  You will learn how to perform routine cleaning maintenance on the mouse, keyboard, system unit and peripheral devices.  The class will include discussions on static electricity, surge protectors, as well as may other topics.
    Basic Business Writing
    Overview and practice of typical office communication including, but not limited to, phone messages, memos, business letters, purchase orders, e-mails, news releases and minutes for a meeting.  Grammar, spelling and general language arts skills will be reviewed.
    Prerequisite: Basic keyboarding and computer skills
    A basic but detailed introductory course in Accounting.  Students will acquire the knowledge of the terms and language of the accounting system.  They will be able to set up an accounting system, record day-to-day transactions and prepare financial statements.
    Medical Terminology
    This class is for students interested in a career in the medical field.  Learn the terms necessary for work in a medical office, insurance office, or associated health groups.  Learn by doing: Labeling diagrams, saying terms, and completing practice exercises.
    Intro to Anatomy & Physiology
    A great introductory course to prepare of Practical Nursing or other medical education courses.  Learn study skill to be successful in the medical field.
    Prerequisite: Medical Terminology
    Small Business Management
    This course will be designed around the facets of managing a small business from customer service, employee management, cash flow and bill paying, daily operations, and business analysis.
    Public Speaking
    This course is designed around the basics of presentation design and overcoming the fear of public speaking and will encompass the following areas: basic techniques for public speaking, designing a professional business quality presentation, team building, and leadership.
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