• 2014 Skills USA Welding Art Sculpture

    Scope of the Contest

    The contest will consist of 2 parts:  Evaluation of the sculpture and Oral presentation and question and answer session. All contestants will be asked the same questions, as determined by the judges prior to the contest.  The contest is designed to assess the ability of the competitor to design and produce a sculpture of that design, as well as give a presentation regarding all aspects of his or her creation of the design.

          Brandon Stover, an Oil City High School student, will represent the Venango Technology Center at this    
         competition, in Hershey, PA, later this year. 
          Brandon attended the State competition at Hershey, PA in early April and finished 3rd in the state.  Brandon  
         was awarded a 4 year scholarship to Penn College where he plans to attend for Welding Engineering. 
          The following are some pictures as he works on his creation:
           skills          skills  
           skills         skills
           skills          skills
           skills       skills  
           Eagle       Eagle
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