• American Welding Society

    Drake Well Section

    Oil Region Student Chapter
    Elected Officers for School Year 2023 - 2024
                         AM Chairman - Josiah Miller  (FHS)
                                 Vice Chair - Jack Mumford  (OCHS)
                                  Secretary - Abby Walentoski  (OCHS)
                                  Treasurer - Kyle Phipps  (FHS)
                         PM Chairman - Emily Murray  (CHS)
                                  Vice Chair - Seth Deloe  (CHS)
                                   Secretary - Korryn Schmader  (THS)
                                   Treasurer - Zach Carll  (WFHS)
    Elected Officers for School Year 2022 - 2023
                         Chairman - Cam Crocker (OCHS)
                         Vice Chairman - Alex Tafoya (CHS)
                          Secretary - Emily Murray (CHS)
                          Treasurer - Josiah Miller (FHS)
    Elected Officers for School Year 2021 - 2022 - 
                          Chairman - Matt Woolcock (CHS)
                          Vice Chairman - Cael Ziegler  (FHS)
                          Secretary - Paris Close  (FHS)
                          Treasurer - Dakota Woolcock (CHS)
    Elected Officers for School Year 2019 - 2020 - 
                          Chairman - Charlie Nicholson  (THS)
                          Vice Chairman - Emmett McDonald  (THS)
                          Secertary - Paige Gahr  (OCHS)
                          Treasurer - Jacob Kuney  (OCHS)
    Elected Officers for School Year 2018 - 2019 - 
                         Chairman - Connor Rankin (OCHS)
                         1st Vice - Hannah Jordan (CHS)
                         Secretary - James Ginnery (RGHS)
                         Treasurer - Hannah Jordan (CHS)
    2019 AWS Student Chapter - Cleveland Auto Show
    car show
    Members of the Oil Region Student Chapter traveled to Cleveland to the 2019 Car Show
    Car Show
    AWS Student Chapter at the 2018 Cleveland Car Show
    Elections of Officers for school year 2017 - 2018 was held on 19 May 2017:
                                   Chairman - Nate Danzer (RGHS) 
                                   Vice Chairman - Travis Crate (CHS)
                                   Secretary - Hannah Jordan (CHS)
                                   Treasurer - Sierra Zacharl (OCHS)
    AWS Student Chapter field trip to Phoenix Laser Solutions and Cookout
      AWS Officers
    AWS Student Chapter Officers with District Director Mike Sherman and Travis Crate 
     Tanner Rose (AWS Student Chapter Chairman) receives award from Mike Sherman (AWS District Director)
      Tanner Rose presents AWS Student Chapter T-shirts to Dan Bubemhiem (AWS Vice Chairman) and Mike Sherman
     AWS group
    AWS Oil Region Student Chapter Members with Mike Sherman 



       WEBCO Industries Plant Tour

     12 May 2015 AWS Student Chapter tour DonJon shipyards in Erie, PA



      12 May 2015 tour of Custom Engineering in Erie, PA



    The Drake Well Section of the American Welding Society toured 
    Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating (SFPC) in Franklin, PA
    on the evening of 10 February 2015.
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