• 2015 Battle Bot Competition at Meadville, PA

     robot team

     "King of the Ring Trophy"

    robot team

     "Best Engineered Trophy"

    Back from a very victorious Robot Wars in Meadville on Saturday, 28 March 2015.
    The Welding Technology Class entered a robot by the name of “Liftoff”, a rather unusual robot since most have some type of weapon system (Drum, beater bar, etc..) but “Liftoff” used a forklift system to pick the opposing robot up and take it to the corner of the ring and dump it outside the ring.

    “Liftoff” had a record of 7 wins and 2 losses on Saturday and finished 4th out of over 40 robots.
    The Team won two very prestigious awards “King of the Ring” and “Best Engineered”

    Overall the Team finished with a very impressive day which amazed a lot of people!

    Members of the team are:

    Jake Gomola (CHS)
    Evan Zacherl (CHS)
    Channing McKissick (CHS)
    Travis Crate II (CHS)
    Tim Walters (OCHS)

    Team Advisors are:

    Travis Crate
    Darrin Burt
    Robert Fugate






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