Advanced Placement Policy
This is a beneficial option for someone who has attended a nursing school, has taken some nursing courses, and did not graduate. Once enrolled, the student can graduate from Venango Technology Center with a Practical Nursing Certificate and be eligible to take the licensing examination to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in just 7 1/2 months!

Criteria exists for the granting of advanced placement of applicants with previous education or experience in an area of related health care. The applicant must meet all of the admission requirements of the Practical Nursing Program, complete the application steps, and meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduation from an approved secondary school or proof of having received a G.E.D.

  2. Possession of physical health such as to be able to meet the expected competencies of a student practical nurses (In some cases, functional level may require a vocational assessment by a vocational rehabilitation counselor at the student’s expense).

  3. Submission of a completed application form.

  4. Submission of two (2) favorable letters of recommendation.

  5. Scheduling and completion of a personal interview with the Practical Nursing Coordinator.

  6. Completion and submission of the required clearance forms (all clearance applications must be completed at the time of application). Clearances must meet the Practical Nursing Program’s requirements as stated in the “Criminal History” portion of the student handbook.

  7. Submission of an official university transcript and a copy of the course descriptions from the course catalog of the university that was attended. The Coordinator will evaluate the college transcript for consistency with the content, program objectives, and clinical experiences of Phase I. All courses that are utilized in this determination must have been taken within a two (2) year timeframe and must have received the letter grade of “C” or higher.

Upon successful completion of these criteria, the applicant will be offered advanced placement in Phase II (which begins mid-November). The Practical Nursing faculty believes all applicants seeking advanced standing should complete at least two phases of the program in order to graduate from the Venango Technology Center Practical Nursing Program.

Likewise, graduates of Venango Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program are able to apply for advanced placement at local universities upon program completion including: Clarion University and Mercyhurst North East.

Specific local nursing program courses meeting this requirement include:

Clarion University: NURS 101, NURS 111, NURS 121 and NURS 131.

University of Pittsburgh: NUR. 0111 and the associated clinical

*Other vocational/practical nursing programs and college nursing programs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Last Modified on April 8, 2022