There is a lesson on top of my computer tower in my office in the back room. The lesson is in a large brown envelope. It has a DVD in it.  Materials are also in the folder. Students can watch a movie  (50 minutes ). After the movie teacher can ask assorted students, What they liked about the movie etc. ( 10 - 15 minutes ). Encourage all students to take notes.


    After the movie, all students need to do a 1 full page report on the main points of the movie ( remaining time in class ). If a student refuses to do the writing assignment, remind them that they will need to do 2 when I get back to school. 


    It is always helpful to use student helpers to set up the movie. For the AM you could use Cole Ford. In the PM Ashley Hargenrader . 


    Please don't let students in the back office area or in the PLC lab. There is to be no soldering or working with electricity while I am out. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me ( Office has my number, So does Eric Smith and Mark Baughman ). If you have trouble getting the movie to play or setting up the projector see Robert Nurse. The helpers can also help with this. 


    Thank You,



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Last Modified on April 20, 2018