American Welding Society
    Annual Weld-Off
       On Tuesday, 19 February 2019, the AWS Pittsburgh Section held a dinner and awards ceremony at the Steamfitters #449 Tech Center in Harmony, PA to announce the results of the 38th Annual AWS Weld-Off. Thomas McQuiston (FHS) and Danial Ruhlman (EFHS) both recieved Xray Qualifications for 3G (Vertical Up) and 4G (Overhead) and Lukas Slosser (EFHS) recieved Xray Qualification for 4G (Overhead).
    AWS Awards
    (L to R) Travis Crate, Thomas McQuiston, Lukas Slosser, Danial Ruhlman and Robert Fugate
    Every year the Welding Technology Class from Venango Technology Center enters the American Welding Society's Annual Weld Off in the Pittsburgh District.  These three (3) Seniors will compete in the 38th Annual Weld-off at Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) on December 7, 2018.  
       The competition consists of welding V grooves in both the vertical up (3G) and the overhead position (4G).  Once their plates have been welded they go through "Visual Inspection" and if they pass they are sent to X-ray inspection.  Normally the X-rays are not completed until February time frame.  
       Those that are participating are - Daniel Ruhlman (EFHS), Thomas McQuiston (FHS), and Lukas Slosser (EFHS).
     Daniel      Tom       Lukas
            Daniel Ruhlman                          Thomas McQuiston                       Lukas Slosser
                         PTC 07 December 2018, Ready for the start of the Weld Off
    Welders and Helpers
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