• Welcome! Due to the state-wide school shutdown, VTC is adapting our senior activities for the Class of 2020. This page will serve as a way to communicate and share information with you. Check out the sections below. Please reach out with any questions or concerns: email scampbell@vtc1.org or call the VTC main office at (814) 677-3097 x0.

    Awarding of Certificates Ceremony

    Unfortunately we are not able to hold an in-person event. However, a video will be created and posted on our website and Facebook page on Thursday, May 28, 2020. There will be an AM and a PM video showing each instructor recognizing their seniors as well as administration giving special recognition to top students. No students will be involved in the filming, though; faculty only.  

    Senior Exit Survey 

    Your opinion and feedback is critical in our planning and evaluation of VTC. Please take a few moments to complete this online survey. If we had been in school, each senior would have completed this in the cafeteria after graduation rehearsal but, given the circumstances, we are asking you to complete it online. 

    In order to log in, you will use your first initial and last name; all CAPS and no hyphens or commas. For example mine would be SCAMPBELL since my name is Sarah Campbell. (If your last name is Swarm or Wagner you will use the first TWO letters of your first name and then your last name.) 

    The survey has 2 pages, and you will know that the survey was successfully submitted when a window pops up thanking you for completing the survey.

    Please go to this link:https://www.takemyschoolsurvey.com/exit/PA_VenangoTech2020.htm  


    VTC is proud to offer three scholarship programs to graduating seniors planning to continue their education after high school. The winners will be announced during the Awarding of Certificates ceremony. Applications are due NO LATER than Friday, May 8, 2020

    Kevin Lewis Memorial Fund - this scholarship is awarded to 2 VTC Protective Services students and 1 student from any VTC program. This award was created by Jody Lewis, widow of Mr. Lewis, in memory of her husband who passed away the summer after completing his first year as the instructor of the newly created Protective Services program. CLICK HERE for the application .  

    Pennzoil Scholarship & Harold B. Albright Memorial Fund - this scholarship will be awarded to two VTC seniors. Note that the student applies to both scholarships by filling out just one application! These scholarships seek to recognize students who demonstrate characteristics of trustworthiness, ambition, responsibility, maturity, neatness, and safety consciousness. CLICK HERE for the application. 

    Student Employment Event (SEE) 2020

    The goal of SEE is to connect local employers who have current job openings with seniors who are preparing to graduate and enter the local workforce. This event was scheduled for May 21, 2020, but the in-person event had to be canceled due to health and safety concerns. Below is a link to employers who had registered to attend SEE. Please reach out to these businesses to apply. You can contact the employesr by email or phone. It is recommended that you also view the websites to become familiar with the function of the business. VTC Seniors, if you created a resume during Soft Skills with Mr. Moore and Mrs. Seidle, please contact us via email if you need a copy of your resume. 

    CLICK HERE for information about employers.

Last Modified on April 24, 2020