• What is Title IX?

                  Federal Civil Rights Statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities that receive Federal financial assistance


    Complainant – individual who makes complaint of Title IX Incident (formerly alleged victim)

    Respondent – individual who is accused of committing Title IX Incident (formerly alleged perpetrator)

    Recipient – Recipient of Federal Funds who Title IX applies to; will be used interchangeably with “school” or “entity”



    For detailed information, please refer to Board Policies 103 and 104



    Coordinator – Mario Fontanazza  mfontanazza@vtc1.org


    Investigator – Jena Seidle   jseidle@vtc1.org


    Decision Maker – Pat Adams   padams@vtc1.org


    Bob Moore – Appeal resolution   bmoore@vtc1.org