• Parent & Student Information Portal and Gradebook

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Timely information regarding the educational progress of your child is critical to establishing accountability with him/her and preventing problems from occurring, rather than reacting to them.  As we desire to partner with you in helping your child find success, We're excited to announce a new feature being offered to parents/guardians of students enrolled at the Venango Technology Center.  You are now able to view up-to-date student schedules, attendance, grades, and discipline records from your home or anywhere else, as long as you are able to establish a connection to the Internet. 

    Similarly, we have created a District Portal which will provide school personnel from the high school which your child attends to view this information.  This will help VTC personnel provide timely information to administrators and counselors from your child’s high schools who are cooperatively working with us to help your child succeed.

    Note: enter Venango Technology Center as the School District when requesting parent account access.


    Printable Absence Excuse Forms 

    Print out and fill in forms.