This program is designed to prepare the student for a career in the health care field caring for patients in the hospital, nursing home and home care. The first year student gains an understanding of medical terms and how the body works. CPR and First Aid certification are also available. Second year students build on the knowledge obtained in the first year and take a course in nursing assisting, which could lead to American Red Cross certification. Third-year students wishing to expand their knowledge can enroll in one of the following courses: child care, medical assisting, or physical therapy assisting.

    Skills Taught:

    • Medical Terminology
    • Emergency Care and Disaster Preparedness
    • Role of Healthcare Facilities
    • Infection Control
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Communication
    • Patient Safety
    • Death & Dying
    • Employment Skills
    • Personal Care
    • Nutrition & Hydration
    • Restorative Inventions
    • Mental Health & Social Services
    Related Careers:
    • Restorative Care Aide
    • Home Health Aide 
    • Unit Clerk
    • Childcare Aide
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Lab Technician  
Last Modified on November 19, 2021