• *Established in 1968

    *Celebrated 50 years of service in 2018

    PA PDE Career and Technical Education



    The American dream for education is education for all: therefore, our educational program must reflect the needs of the individual and society. The present age which we live is characterized by technological advantages unparalleled the history of mankind. Consequently, it is more important than ever before that each person be able to function at a level close to the upper limits of their own capabilities if they are to thrive as a productive, contributing member of our society.

    The dignity of work as an attitude fundamental to democratic philosophy must lead to the instruction of its young in sound work habits, in the recognition of work opportunities and the evaluation of occupational trends.

    A broad based curriculum shall serve pupils of varying abilities to learn basic occupational skills that will qualify them for initial employment in trade and technical occupations as advanced learners or trainees.

    In order to support this philosophy, we believe the vocational-technical school must be administered and staffed by men and women of high professional qualifications. This requires qualified administrators to give leadership to the continuous growth of vocational-technical programs.

    Teachers and other personnel should be carefully selected, amply compensated and given every opportunity for professional growth to insure an effective vocational-technical program in the Venango County Attendance Area.



    • To provide a well-rounded curriculum in operative skilled and technical levels of instruction for secondary pupils, out-of-school youths and adults of this community.
    • The program will be comprehensive to provide all levels of instruction for boys and girls.
    • To provide a program that will develop the self-discipline necessary to establish efficient work habits and to work cooperatively with others.
    • To provide a program which will broaden and enrich the secondary school curriculum, which will reflect the individual needs and interests as well as the available occupational opportunities.
    • To provide a program with flexibility necessary to insure keeping pace with the improvement and expansion of ever-changing vocational demands consistent with employment standards and local needs.
    • To provide a program of continuous and effective guidance for the selection and placement of pupils, pupil self-evaluation, occupational objectives and adjustments to future employment.


    VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL EDUCATION; An Education with a future

    1. What is an Area Vocational-Technical School?
    2. An Area Vocational-Technical School is an educational program offering vocational education in technical, skilled trades, and occupational levels of instruction to students and out-of-school youth and adults in a geographical area comprised and operated by several school districts.
    1. When do high school pupils enroll for courses in the Area Vocational-Technical School?
    1. The high school pupil must be 14 years of age and most courses start at the 10th grade level.
    1. How much time does the pupil spend at the Area Vocational-Technical School ?
    1. The pupil will spend one half of each day at the area school and one half of each day at his or her home high school for each year they are enrolled in the vocational-technical program.
    1. Does the Area Vocational-Technical School help to find employment for graduates of the program?
    1. One of the major responsibilities of an Area Vocational-Technical School is the placement and follow-up of the graduates of the program. The Area School will work closely with the local industries and businesses, knowing their needs and being able to recommend pupils for employment.
    1. Is the Area Vocational-Technical School only for high school pupils?
    1. The Area Vocational-Technical School will provide a comprehensive continuing program of Vocational education for in-school youth, out-of-school youth, and adults in basic occupational preparation, trade extension for employed workers, and retraining of unemployed when need for such programs is indicated.
    1. Is the Area Vocational-Technical School program of studies only for boys?
    1. No. Courses are provided for girls as well as boys.
    1. What is the tuition cost for high school youth and adults?
    1. The high school program is part of the public school program and at no cost to the pupil. 

      However, the 'adult' classes will be required to buy any text book needed and purchase all supplies.

    1. When will the Area Vocational-Technical School be open for classes?
    1. It is anticipated to have the facility available for classes for the 1969-1970 school year.