• Marketing

    This course is designed to help students develop basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare them to enter the workforce and the field of marketing. The course emphasizes the foundations of business, management, and entrepreneurship including economics, professional development, communication skills and interpersonal skills. Included are concepts such as distribution, financing, selling, pricing, promotion, marketing-information management, and product/ service management. Skills in communications and mathematics are reinforced in this course. Work-based learning strategies include job shadowing, school-based enterprises, field trips, and/or cooperative education. Marketing virtual businesses, projects, DECA participation, Skills USA participation, meetings, conferences, and competitions provide many opportunities for application of instructional competencies.
    Marketing Co-Op
    Eleventh and Twelfth grade students who are currently enrolled in the marrketing education course can apply, after being recommended by the instructor, to participate in the cooperative education program where the student is able to gain on-the-job experience at a local business.
Last Modified on September 2, 2013